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“Testimonies of Witness”

Featuring: Brother Daniel Sturgeon


Enjoy 2 hours of testimonies and history as Bro. Sturgeon takes us on a journey through his experiences as a pilgrim in the Body of Christ.


Please join us in supporting the preservation of this heritage. Proceeds support the campground and the missionary work in Honduras.


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One generation shall praise thy works to another,

and shall declare thy mighty acts.

Psalm 145:4 (KJV)


This project hopes to honor our elders, preserve the heritage of the Body of Christ, preserve the experiences at the campground and strengthen the vision of our young people, increasing their love for the Body of Christ.


“Testimonies of Witness”

How it started - Interviews to Detail our heritage


The genesis of this project began with a couple of young men who, by detailing the lives of those who have walked in this way for generations, would help preserve the heritage of the Body of Christ.


The young men named their project “Testimonies of Witness” and it is shepherded under the covering of the campground elders, as part of the “Heritage House Museum” activities to preserve the history of the campground.


The first dialogues were planned for the creation of DVDs to preserve our heritage, make the accounts broadly available and help support the continued operation of the campground.


Since the first project began the number of youth involved has increased from two young men with resolve to get it done, to a group covering many avenues. When told of the project, others volunteered their gifts and are now helping with graphics design, logistics, locating photos, video editing and coordinating.


The first DVD preserving the story of Bro. Sturgeon’s life should reach completion by June 2018. There are several others planned for completion as part of the first segment of the project.


There are no longer just two young men acting upon their interest in preserving our heritage. A project coordinator is waiting for the second segment to begin.


Birth of a Second Project

Interviews conducted by the Youth in the Body of Christ


There are two segments for the "Testimonies of Witness" project. The second involves the youth conducting video recorded interviews with the elders in their assemblies. When completed they can be posted to the campground website, and not confined on one person’s book shelf.


While producing the first DVD interview of Bro. Sturgeon there was a realization that interwoven with so many personal testimonies, the saints possess historical accounts of the campground and the Body of Christ.


It became obvious there were so many saints with experiences to share and two people could not effectively reach all of these living treasures, so a second segment of the project was born.


The thought of involving the youth of the Body of Christ is not only more efficient, but stirring. These young men envisioned the spiritual impact this project has had on their lives, being reproduced in the youth who choose to participate.


The youth involved in the first DVD production report a welling up of thankfulness for the Body of Christ and a greater respect and love for their elders.  One young man became informed on the project and stated he realized he had not appreciated his pastor like he should have, but now does.


There are others who have completed similar work to preserve our heritage and they possess video recordings of elders who have already passed on. Those recordings can be submitted for this project.


The youth interested in helping preserve the heritage of the Body of Christ are being asked to review the information on this website. Finished videos under this segment of the project will be posted on the campground website for all to enjoy.


We recommend several youth work together and the first step is to download the resource documents.  After receiving the permissions, please contact the "project coordinator" about who you plan to interview.


This is important; there are elders whom we do plan to produce a DVD for under the first part of the project. This does not preclude the youth from doing the interview; it does get you some technological help since we want to use better cameras, etc.


Contact the Project coordinator for more information at or text 580-490-1977.


The following documents have been placed here to help you find out the steps needed to participate in segment two of this project.


Your Resources are:

Letter to Pastor

Steps To Complete an Interview

Suggested Questions List

Project Flow Chart




Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye steadfast, unmovable,

always abounding in the work of the Lord, forasmuch as

 ye know that your labour is not in vain in the Lord.

1 Corinthians 15:58 (KJV)

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